Wine Memory

Wine is our memory and memory of wine is the history of Georgia told wordlessly; when the country was powerful, wine-making was flourishing - vineyards blossoming, the best wine was being produced, the new species were being evolved, and vice versa - the decline of the country was reflected on the winemaking.

It’s been more than 8000 since the beginning of winemaking culture in Georgia and after that vine and a Georgian man are inseparable/ It’s unimaginable to have a gathering in Georgia without wine, we drink wine in sickness and the health, in better and the worse, we meet a birth of new life with a glass of wine and follow one to its last way with it. The wine was, is and will always be with us, accompanying us in joy and sorrow, in happiness and grief, as it is impossible to imagine a Georgian man and Georgian wine separated.

Wine recollects all our memories, Georgian wine is our collective consciousness, of us, as individuals and as of Georgians through these 80 centuries. Georgian wine is a basis for the Georgian identity, on which we establish our values, lifestyle, relationships and love for our country. The disappearance of our wine means losing one’s self, one’s memory, one’s consciousness.

That’s why Georgian culture and wine culture are so closely intertwined - they came on Earth together, they were formed together and walked together through all these 80 centuries full of wars, battles, devotions and struggles for self-preservation and maintenance of own identity. During these periods, the vine grew into all the aspects of the life of a Georgian, including spirituality, art or love of the country and now it’s difficult to separate them and put limitations between one another.

The enemy also sensed this divine connection between a Georgian and a vine and knew that the vine was fundamental for Georgian identity. That’s why it always destroyed vineyards in the first place, trying to root out Georgian spirit by rooting out the vine.

But Georgian man never took a step back, never surrendered or left vine alone. He instantly got back to build vineyards as soon as the peace rested upon on our country. And this dedication and devotion resulted in us today having maintained all the species and unique winemaking culture of Georgia, making us “A motherland of Wine”.

Wine is that history of many centuries, that blood, those wars and battles, those tangible and intangible cultural heritages, this fearlessness and bravery, this retained identity and spirituality that was taken away from us neither by enemies nor by time. Wine saves our history and "Alazani" saves the history of wine - continuing the memory/ consciousness that lives in Georgian wine till now.

Wine Memory